Family Owned Business

If you've visited us in Stratford-upon-Avon, you may have met our lovely husband and wife duo, Steven and Joanne, who own 50 Henley Street. Originally from the Jewellery Quarter, Steven is a 3rd generation jeweller who has been a part of the trade since his teenage years, reflected in his immense expertise and network. Here at 50 Henley Street, we look after our clients and we would be proud to be your family jewellers.



As we are known as an antique jewellery dealer, we often buy in our antique and pre-owned items form customers, with a professional selection process as to ensure quality. 

We also source our gemstones from dealers world-wide who visit us with beautiful selections of stones directly from the mines, for us to set in metal here at our workshop, therefore cutting out the middle men. 


Vintage, Antique and Pre-loved

We love our second hand pieces, whether they are modern or old. Not only are these pieces of great value, but many may also be a part of history. We have held stock from many different eras, including but not limiting to Edwardian, Victorian and true Art Deco Movement. All jewellery that we source and buy in are of the highest quality, as we do not sacrifice value for price. 

Buying second hand has various benefits, including better value and more unique selection.Buying pre-owned also means that you actively encourage the more ethical and eco-friendly option.

Fast jewellery is the opposite to slow jewellery, which essentially follows ever-changing trends.


Bespoke design

With our in-house jeweller and our connections in the Jewellery Quarter, we can provide the flexibility needed by those who have more specific jewellery requests. We are also able to source gemstones and diamonds for you to choose from, helping you create your perfect piece of jewellery.

Quality and Peace of Mind

Each piece we encounter is expertly checked against our rigorous quality standards. We guarantee the quality and origin of each item. 

Our Guarantee
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