Your Guide to Antique & Vintage Jewellery

Your Guide to Antique & Vintage Jewellery

When looking for Jewellery ‘Antique’ and ‘Vintage’ are terms that often appear.
What do they mean? How do they differ? Why should you choose them over a new piece?

Antique vs Vintage

Antique Jewellery is often considered to be a piece that is over 100 years old. Whereas vintage jewellery generally refers to a piece over 20 years old. You may find some pieces that are closer to 100 years old will still be called Antique, so if age is important to you always ask the seller first. 

Why you should choose Antique or Vintage pieces: 

1. Unique heirlooms

The main reason we love antique and vintage pieces is their unique nature.
Not only is your piece individual to you it often comes with a history and story that make it even more compelling. We all want to stand out from the crowd, so what is better than having something no-one else can ever have. 

2. Value for money 

Antique jewellery is better value for money in multiple ways. 

  • less expensive compared to new 
  • Better long term investment 
  • Higher quality craftsmanship

An antique jewellery piece will not only save you money on the initial purchase. As antique jewellery is often made to a higher standard it makes your piece a better long-term investment. Buying an antique piece may offer superior craftsmanship, potentially leading to a less long-term need for repairs.

3. Sustainability 

Not only does buying vintage give you a unique well-priced piece, but you are also helping to prevent both social and environmental issues like child-labour and over-mining. Jewellery cherished over many decades and past on to loved ones saves the environment 


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